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Zeta partners Featurespace to deliver fraud detection to credit card issuers

Source: Zeta

Zeta, a next-gen credit card processor, and Featurespace, a world leader in enterprise fraud and financial crime prevention, today announced their partnership to bring to market a solution that combines best-in-class credit card processing and fraud detection for Issuers in the US.

Featurespace offers the leading fraud detection engine available today, utilizing a combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral networks, and rules-based decisioning to identify fraud without disrupting the customer experience. Featurespace’s ARIC™ Risk Hub solution is trusted to keep over 50 billion transactions safe per year across 500 million consumers with a geographical footprint in 180 countries.

Zeta’s flagship next-gen credit card processing stack - Zeta Tachyon - allows Issuers to go to market more quickly than legacy processors, launch transformative credit card products, hyper-personalize their credit card programs across millions of credit card holders, and develop unique IP to differentiate their products from other Issuers. The stacks is built with no legacy code and is 100% cloud-native, API-first, and uses modern micro-services architecture and zero-trust security principles.

“We recognized the power of Featurespace’s solution very quickly. It’s built using technology that is truly cutting-edge, combining the latest in machine learning and behavioral analytics into a blazingly fast decision engine,” said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Co-founder of Zeta. “Our Issuer clients are demanding, and we are delivering to them capabilities to iterate on their credit card products faster than ever before to test and launch features in days. With this solution available out-of-the-box to our clients, their credit card holders will be protected against existing and future fraud attempts seamlessly while reducing the number of genuine transactions declined.”

“The partnership between Zeta and Featurespace brings together two of the most capable solutions across the industry in each’s segments,” said Carolyn Homberger, President of Americas at Featurespace. “We are very impressed with the way Zeta is rethinking the issuer processing stack from the ground up, utilizing modern and flexible architecture to provide outstanding new capabilities to Issuers. We’re extremely excited to bring our joint solution to market in the US.”  

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