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Keystone Talent Bank integrates ID-Pal for right-to-work checks

Source: ID-Pal

Global identity verification provider ID-Pal today announced a partnership with Keystone Talent Bank to deliver real-time digital right to work checks.

ID-Pal is now integrated as part of their services within Talent Bank, to allow users to conduct checks in line with the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework (UKDIATF).

Keystone Talent Bank is an online suite of tools for the sourcing, hiring, managing, compliance and payment of employees, contractors, and contingent workers. The platform streamlines the whole recruitment and payroll process for universities, whilst also providing a digital employability hub for students and graduates.

As a government-certified digital identity service provider (IDSP) ID-Pal enables Keystone Talent Bank to seamlessly comply with Home Office guidelines while securely performing right to work checks. ID-Pal will allow efficient onboarding of all student, temporary and payrolled workers via a branded user-facing app, as well as enable easy remediation and updating of documentation in line with current legislation.

On the integration, Malcom Paice, Managing Director of Keystone Talent Bank, shares: “We chose to work with ID-Pal at exactly the right time. They have already built the solution we need. Adoption of ID-Pal has been frictionless and it has been easy to communicate what was changing and how the improved process would work.”

On the partnership, ID-Pal Enterprise Sales Manager Mark O’Hara comments: “With an out-of-the-box solution like ID-Pal, anyone can be onboarded remotely or in person, in seconds. The solution offers a reminder function (via email or SMS), removing the allocation of resources to follow-up. Users of Keystone Talent Bank benefit from a branded experience to securely capture additional documents all within a single workflow.”

ID-Pal offers businesses an easy way to verify the identity of an individual as part of right-to-work checks. Using a unique blend of biometric, document, and database checks to verify identities in real time, the solution leverages automated decisioning and smart workflows to deliver industry-leading accuracy, and better outcomes, with data protection compliance built in.

Available off-the-shelf to go live in minutes, ID-Pal also integrates seamlessly with existing processes via an API or SDK. It can be deployed same day and is fully customisable thus reducing lengthy development time and demands on in-house resources.

ID-Pal offers global identity verification coverage of more than 6000 identity documents and 200 verified address data sources to enable easy onboarding of remote workers.

On their global coverage, Malcom Paice, Managing Director at Keystone Talent Bank, comments: “The scope of identity documents that ID-Pal can handle and the user experience they offer is what students and employees expect. Being able to complete the process via your phone in seconds has transformed our Right to Work checking process and given us back time and resources typically spent on this.”

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