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MyntFund opens tokensised stock exchange for unlisted companies and investors

Source: MyntFund

MyntFund, the parent company of MyntCoin, has recently announced the launch of MyntExchange in Q1 of 2023, which marks the birth of an innovative financial platform for cryptocurrency.

This platform will provide capital solutions for private companies and retail investors, and will be the first joint stock exchange. MyntExchange aims to revolutionize the way companies and retailers deal in crypto, by merging the digital public stock markets and the private purchase and dealership of shares in unlisted companies.

By tokenizing equity and offering it to investors through MyntExchange, located in Iceland, companies can be assisted in raising capital. MyntExchange allows ceaseless trading in an illiquid asset class and hosts a wide range of asset classes within all industries. The platform has no minimum investment, low trading fees, immediate settlements, and competitive listing fees. With regulatory approval from Iceland, MyntExchange is the pioneering and diverse platform that will become crucial for investing in cryptocurrency.

The creation of MyntExchange, together with two complimentary tokens and underlying investment funds, makes the MYNT blockchain-based cryptocurrency ecosystem incredibly progressive and inventive. The MYNT Security Token is backed by fundamental fund and/or share assets, allowing MYNT investors to hold an extensive variety of real assets, along with the safety and security of the blockchain. Companies that receive investment from MyntFund permit members of the MYNT community to purchase goods and other services with the MYNT Payment Token, consequently further expanding the MYNT community, ecosystem and utility of the tokens.

The MYNT Payment Token will be made available for purchase by all users and members of the MYNT ecosystem, which can then be used to purchase goods and services from partnered businesses within the MYNT ecosystem, taking advantage of the swiftness and safety of the blockchain during payments. The partnership and funding of carefully chosen companies by the MyntFund, following various analytic factors, including but not limited to the company’s past performance, regulatory status, return expectation, risk level, independent rating, dividend payment status, and fee charges, will offer goods and services to the MYNT community while being required to accept the MYNT Payment Token for said goods and services. This will further mount MYNT.

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