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Worldline brings global payments to Web3 with Solana

Source: Worldline

Worldline [Euronext: WLN], a global leader in payment services, has launched a strategic initiative with Solana, a high-performance blockchain platform designed for decentralised application and Web3 use cases such as gaming.

This initiative, supported by the Solana Foundation, will allow all projects building on Solana direct access to Worldline’s Payment Orchestration platform. These projects will be integrated, allowing for providers to route payments automatically while offering the lowest fees and highest conversion.

Solana, a layer one blockchain with 11.5 million active accounts and over 21.9 million minted NFTs, is a fast, secure censorship-resistant blockchain built for scale. It hosts and supports a huge array of Web3 businesses and Apps, working with platforms such as Meta and Google. Hundreds of blockchain companies that need access to payment systems will be able to use Worldline Payment Orchestration for direct access to Worldline’s 300+ payment partners and payment methods, removing the need for multiple payment integrations.

Worldline Payment Orchestration is based on a single platform which manages all payments, regardless of how many providers are connected. From orchestrating payment providers, simple reporting tools, and adding new fiat on - and off - ramps without the need for integration, it represents the only payment orchestration tool that a customer needs to scale up its payment strategy. Worldline Payment Orchestration offers one platform interface to combine integrated fiat and crypto payment solutions, real-time analytics to monitor acceptance and conversion rates and enables smart payment routing based on real time data.

Babouschka van Bilsen, Head of Metaverse, Web3 & Crypto at Worldline’s Digital Commerce business line, commented: “As Web3 develops, Worldline is dedicated to enabling merchants to ready themselves for a future based on blockchain technology. Working with Solana, allows Worldline to support their goal to empower developers and accelerate the development of amazing new Web3 games. Solana developers now have the capabilities and tools that allow their blockchain games to build their payments strategy from the ground up.”

Johnny Lee, Head of Games at Solana Foundation, added: “Solana is very pleased to be working with Worldline. Our decision was based primarily upon Worldline’s extremely impressive and long-standing track record in the payments arena, together with Worldline Payment Orchestration’s unrivalled capabilities which will allow Solana’s blockchain games to offer their customers their preferred alternative payment methods.

“One of the most pressing needs across web3 is seamless on- and off-ramps. Gaming studios building on Solana need access to robust payment rails capable of supporting fiat-to-crypto transactions worldwide. Worldline’s solution provides end users a single pathway to paying with their preferred method.”

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