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Gainy partners FriveWealth on autopilot investing for Gen Z

Source: Gainy

Gainy, a fast-growing technology platform aimed at Gen Z and Millennial Investors, today announced its partnership with DriveWealth, LLC, a global fintech investment rail and pioneer in fractional investing, to enable autopilot investing.

DriveWealth’s API-based fractional trading technology will power up Gainy’s new tool — Thematic Trading Fractionals, optimizing thematic model portfolios.

The move comes as 90% of Gen Z investors, who have around $360 billion in disposable income and prefer saving and investing over spending, believe companies have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues. As a result, this younger generation tends to invest in diversified products like ETFs rather than individual stocks.

Gainy's Thematic Trading Fractionals (TTFs) platform offers a solution for active investors who want flexibility and control but may not have the time or expertise for extensive stock research and portfolio optimization. Using Gainy's recommendation tools and financial data, users can choose from over 70 model portfolios based on industries, investment styles, and market conditions. TTFs, which typically consist of 10-20 stocks, offer a balance between diversification and investment focus that is not found in ETFs.

In addition to investing in stocks, ETFs, and TTFs, Gainy users will also have access to personalized investment advice through the Gainy Score, which matches investors to stocks and portfolios that align with their interests and investment goals. Gainy will create and regularly optimize TTFs for clients, ensuring their portfolios are always up-to-date with the latest relevant companies and performance.

"Many retail investors want to take a hands-on approach to managing their portfolio, but focusing on single stocks requires time and in-depth research," said Mikhail Stukalo, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Gainy. "Our goal is to make the investment process easier and allow investors to focus on long-term portfolio management and themes rather than just a few specific company names."

Gainy's platform makes it easy for users to buy TTFs with a single click and have them automatically rebalanced for optimal performance, a feature known as "auto-pilot investing." In addition, the Gainy Score provides personalized investment advice, matching investors with stocks and portfolios that align with their interests and investment goals. Gainy users will be matched with stock, ETFs, and TTF portfolios that fit their risk profile, and Gainy will create and regularly optimize TTFs on their accounts as needed.

“The new breed of clients coming to neo brokers are investors, not traders. They want to manage their investments actively but lack the time and expertise to embark on rigorous research. Most importantly, they often think in terms of investment topics rather than single-stock picking.” said Boris Dus, Gainy’s CEO. “We were looking for the right partner to advance our mission, and DriveWealth provides advanced technical solutions for this. We believe together we can help cut through the noise on the market and simplify investing.”

“Gainy and DriveWealth share a similar mission — to empower investors with the tools they need to simply and affordably access the markets," said Harry Temkin, DriveWealth’s Chief Information Officer. "Throughout the retail revolution, we've seen a surge of investors trading for the first time through our platform, and in the first half of 2022 alone, over 30% of accounts were opened by Gen Z investors. We're thrilled to partner with Gainy to help the next generation of investors take control of their financial futures by investing in the companies they believe in." 

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