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Fintech Sandbox unveils demo day lineup

Source: Fintech Sandbox

Fintech Sandbox, a nonprofit that provides early-stage startups around the world with free access to critical datasets and infrastructure, today announced the line-up for its free, virtual Demo Day 9.0.

For the first time, the event will be held over three days, from April 11-13, 2023. Eighteen startups - double the number featured in previous years - will showcase technologies and products built during their Data Access Residency.

This global group of fintech innovators comes from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. They are working in areas including artificial intelligence, financial automation, digital banking, small business lending, capital markets, personal finance and wealth/asset management. The event will additionally feature key spotlights on emerging fintech trends from senior industry leaders.

“Today’s emerging fintechs can improve industries on a global scale, and this year’s Demo Day will shine a light on new technologies built for the future of financial services,” said Kelly Fryer, Executive Director, Fintech Sandbox. “In a time when it’s essential for financial products to match the complexities of our real lives, data is the fuel for these innovations. It’s the building blocks for unbiased AI, building generational wealth, improved credit, more efficient industries, and much more.”

Each demo day will feature six startups and address key themes. The agenda includes:

April 11: Artificial Intelligence and Institutional Investing
• As ChatGPT made the potential of generative AI mainstream and capital market trends are being covered on TikTok, hear from entrepreneurs who have been applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to the biggest challenges in fintech and capital markets.
April 12: Consumer and Personal Finance
• Recent economic uncertainty and rising prices at the stores have made personal financial security a global imperative. New innovations in consumer credit, wealth building, and financial education could create a path forward for millions.
April 13: Small and Medium-sized Businesses and Financial Infrastructure
• SMBs make up the vast majority of businesses and employment around the globe, but their financial needs are often overlooked. Additional niche fintech markets such as trade, public and nonprofit finance, and supply chains are being innovated by reimagining financial infrastructure, automation, and financing options enabling these sectors to grow and thrive.

The 18 fintechs include:
• Act2 Financial (Boston, USA) - improving financial wellness for seniors
• Ampli-fi.io (Larchmont, USA) - digitizing the underwriting of equipment loans for small businesses
• Astor (Cambridge, USA) - redefining portfolio management software for the retail investor
• CAKE Capital (Toronto, Canada) - re-engineering and automating the process of originating, underwriting & servicing loans to SMBs
• Calculum Inc. (Miami, USA) - leveraging advanced analytics and AI to help companies improve their financial supply chains
• CloudStrat (New York, USA) - a no-code platform for building, backtesting, and deploying systematic trading strategies
• CrossKudi (Wauwatosa, USA) - building the most trusted financial platform for the 47+ million immigrants in the United States
• Finurja (Mumbai, India) - a virtual “fitbit” and personalized robo advisory platform that helps the “simple needs affluent” in non-metro India achieve their life goals
• Fishtail.ai (Boston, USA) - a trade finance automation platform empowering freight forwarders and traders to finance the movement and procurement of goods for SMBs
• Fluid Finance (Accra, Ghana) - helping smallholder farmers in Africa secure their income
• Impactica Labs (New York, USA) - providing nonprofits and public institutions the fintech infrastructure needed to drive innovation and fortify access to the social safety net
• MarketReader (New York, USA) - providing clear, objective explanations of asset price movement in a way that is accessible to all types of investors
• Popstox (Boston, USA) - providing actionable financial social media insights for the enterprise
• ProsperOn (Boston, USA) - eliminating financial stress and anxiety for young adults, that leverages simulation, gamification, and personalized storylines to teach financial literacy
• Remynt (San Francisco, USA) - empowering consumers to rebuild their credit while resolving delinquent debt
• Scribe (London, England) - a data platform providing deep insights on private companies, powered by AI
• Theia Insights (Wilmington, USA) - generative AI for finance and thematic investing for institutional investors
• TRaiCE Inc. (Schaumburg, USA) - AI-augmented early warning system that can detect risks to your lending portfolio  

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