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Themis and Diligencia announce partnership

Source: Themis

Themis announces today a new strategic partnership with Diligencia, a leading provider of corporate data in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). This partnership reflects the ongoing, significant investment in Themis’ AML/CFT technology, and follows the recent announcement of successfully overfunding in their Pre-Series A round - raising a total of £3.1 million.

With its automated due diligence platform (Themis Search & Monitoring), Themis has continued to champion and develop cutting-edge technology to help clients in the fight against financial crime. The platform allows companies and individuals to carry out AML screening and monitoring of all of their clients, suppliers, third parties and investors in one place to ensure no unwanted or unknown links to criminality exist amongst their clients or in their supply chains.

Themis uses advanced AI and ML technology, powered by threat-based data, research and intelligence to detect potential links to financial crime. Its AML software provides a simple way to conduct screening, KYC onboarding, risk mapping, enhanced due diligence and automated monitoring in one platform to make sure that you are not inadvertently dealing with companies, entities or individuals with criminal records, links to serious & organised crime or other forms of financial crime.

This deal with Diligencia, a recognised market leader in legal entity data and corporate intelligence across the Middle East and Africa, builds on Themis’ existing data sets to provide unparalleled access to corporate data in the region; this partnership adds an additional 15.5 million records across 70 countries across the MEA region and Sub-Saharan Africa, including in depth analysis of companies and directors in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other GCC countries.

Themis Search now provides access to over 215 million company records and 280 million individual directors in over 140 jurisdictions globally. The platform also gives you full political exposure (PEP) status, comprehensive sanctions data from over 80 different countries, including the UAE, KSA, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen, as well as OFAC, EU & HMT lists, regulatory enforcements and corporate actions, over 25 million adverse media articles spanning 15 years in over 40 different languages (including Arabic, English, Tajik, Turkish, Dari, Kazakh, Farsi and Azerbaijani) and Themis’ unique proprietary special interest list data covering convictions of specific predicate crimes, from fraud, bribery & corruption, sanctions evasion or enablement and terrorist financing, through to the more hidden crimes such as modern slavery and human trafficking, the illegal wildlife trade and other forms of environmental crime.

As a UAE-based, home-grown MENA tech champion, based out of Hub 71 and ADGM, Themis is passionate about helping UAE and MENA businesses enhance their corporate governance and due diligence capabilities; this partnership represents a significant investment in the region and Themis is excited to start working with Diligencia to super-charge the customer on-boarding and due diligence activities of businesses operating in the region.
Dickon Johnstone, Chief Executive Officer at Themis, says: “This strategic partnership absolutely aligns with our mission - to reduce the global impacts of financial crime. Knowledge is everything and the continued expansion of our data sets means you can be confident that you have run comprehensive checks to avoid any potential dealings with fraudsters, con-artists or other nefarious characters or businesses. We want everyone to be able to conduct quick, easy and thorough due diligence on all their counterparties - whether that be a new client, supplier or investment - at work or at home. It is really important you know where your money is going and that you are not unwittingly feeding the shadow economy.”

Matt Deacon, Chief Technology Officer at Themis, says: “Advanced AI and data are so critical to the fight against financial crime and I’m delighted that this work with Diligencia adds another string to our bow in terms of our ever-expanding database and due diligence platform, Themis Search.”

Patrick Lord, Commercial Director at Diligencia, says: “Financial criminals exploit unequal access to knowledge and information, causing very real harm to people, to businesses and to the environment. That is why our mission at Diligencia is to deliver clarity with the data and intelligence we provide, because in the absence of clarity comes uncertainty, inefficiency and, in the worst cases, criminal activity. We are really excited about this strategic partnership with Themis and look forward to supporting Themis’ clients over the coming years as we work together to fight financial crime. This partnership demonstrates our shared values, with two purpose driven businesses working together to tackle one of society’s most serious but hidden issues.”

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