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Santander Bank enlists SigFig for digital investment tools

Source: SigFig

Santander Bank, N.A. announced that it is developing and integrating new digital solutions in partnership with SigFig that bring investment and advisory solutions to banking clients through Santander Investment Services.

SigFig is a leader in enterprise financial technology that develops next-generation financial planning and servicing tools for banks and wealth management firms.

Through its relationship with SigFig, Santander Investment Services has built Santander® PathFinder, an automated investment management tool, also referred to as digital advice. This tool now allows all Santander clients—no matter where they are in their financial journey–to work toward their long-term financial goals or start to save for retirement from virtually anywhere.

The collaborative development process behind Santander® PathFinder, coupled with Santander’s intent to continue to build digital solutions like this tool, underscores its commitment to address clients’ evolving needs.

“The interests of our clients are at the center of everything we do at Santander. We are reimagining the way we serve them by placing a heightened focus on digital and automation capabilities, while still leaning into Santander Investments Services’ personal approach to providing financial planning and advice,” said Jeff Weiner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Santander Investment Services. “The relationship with SigFig is a move forward in the Bank’s modernization plan to expand digital capabilities and enhance the client experience.”

The digital services that have been and will continue to be developed through the relationship with SigFig serve as a complement to the Santander Investment Services’ financial advice and wealth management business and the valuable professional guidance of its Financial Advisors.

"We design financial tools to empower people with the financial information and guidance they need to help them achieve their goals, said Michael Sha, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at SigFig. “We are proud of our partnership with Santander and look forward to offering Santander's clients an industry-leading digital experience."

In 2023, Santander Investment Services and SigFig are working to further streamline the Financial Advisor experience by giving clients a fully integrated platform where they can view their investments and portfolios, as well as convenient access to their Financial Advisors.  

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