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Nexi and Jakala found CVM Martech Lab

Source: Nexi

Nexi, the European PayTech, in partnership with Jakala, the leading Italian Martech company, has founded CVM Martech Lab, the new Customer Value Management centre for the financial services sector, which aims to provide banks and fintechs with the best data science, marketing know-how and technologies for CVM development, through solutions that leverage the key role of digital payments in customer engagement.

Established in Milan but with a European reach, CVM Martech Lab stems from the desire of the two companies to pool engagement best practices within the evolution of digital payments for the benefit of banks and financial service institutions. Banks, fintechs and industry players will be able to tap into the significant economies of scale and scope guaranteed by CVM Martech Lab, while also benefiting from the complementary nature of the tools and practices that Nexi and Jakala plan to bring into the mix.

"Customer Value Management today has a strategic value in financial services for both traditional players and newcomers - for the former it is an essential acquisition lever, almost always as an investment in and subsequent development of customer value, while for the latter it is a key retention and loyalty driver. In this scenario, digital payments play a key role because they are, together with bank current accounts, the most widespread service, they are used on a daily basis and they carry useful data,” said Flaminio Francisci, Customer Value Management Director at Nexi.
“CVM Martech Lab aims to be a powerful accelerator to develop customer engagement at a systemic level. We at Nexi, after more than six years of work to develop multiple solutions for a large number of banks, have built up a wealth of experience and processes that, together with those of Jakala, represent a real value for Italy and we intend to export this value to Europe."

In fact, currently over 150 Italian banks already have access to the cutting-edge CVM solutions and methodologies offered by Nexi and Jakala, which result in engaged customers, high value-added services and products that enable the development of healthy customer value throughout the customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention, engagement programs included.

Similarly, Jakala, on the back of its know-how in combining marketing and technology, has set out on a specific path that in recent years has seen the company bring together centres of expertise that are unique in the Italian and European market scenario.

Gabriele Pozzi, Managing Director of Jakala commented: "At Jakala we drive technological transformation and promote innovation through a mix of talent, technology, data and analytics. The success of any engagement program is closely linked to an understanding of its target market. We are proud of the partnership with Nexi, because it allows us to apply our know-how in the field of engagement, intervening in a key moment of the customer engagement process like digital payments. Indeed, in this process it is essential to implement a data-driven profiling approach and real-time interaction aimed at being relevant when it counts."

Digital payments represent, therefore, the best possible customer engagement opportunity, both because of the large amount of data and information they carry, and because of their cross-generational nature and ease of use. Nexi's CVM Martech Lab enables organisations offering products and services based on the payment experience to maximise the value of their customers by engaging them through digital payments and developing new business propositions aimed at the customers themselves.

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