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Fundamentum taps bondIT to scale fixed income business

Source: bondIT

bondIT, a leading provider of next-generation investment technology, announced today that Fundamentum Investment Management has begun using bondIT’s portfolio optimization and credit research solution integrated with Orion’s advisor technology platform.

Fundamentum was looking for technology to help them efficiently scale their fixed income business and optimize risk-return outcomes. They selected bondIT’s Frontier portfolio construction technology to position client portfolios systematically on the efficient frontier and later incorporated bondIT’s Scorable AI-based credit research solution to enable credit-aware portfolio construction and rebalancing.

Using Scorable and Frontier together has allowed Fundamentum to systematically reduce exposure to deteriorating credits while substituting higher-quality bonds with equal or better yield. The final piece of the puzzle for efficiency and scale gains was Fundamentum’s integration of bondIT’s technology with the Orion platform.

Fundamentum’s Robert Armagno, CFA, said, “Using bondIT integrated with Orion has allowed us to move our fixed income portfolio management to levels we couldn’t reach without this technology. We can generate and rebalance proposals in seconds while adhering to the objectives and constraints that advisors and their clients have formulated. bondIT is a proposal generation machine for us, and a huge competitive advantage when it comes to managing and growing our fixed income business.”

Dan Taylor, Head of Americas at bondIT, said, “We’re delighted that Fundamentum has opted for bondIT’s technology to help them expand their fixed income business and attract new clients. Our platform enables Fundamentum to automate crucial parts of their portfolio management and research process, improving efficiency, performance and scale.“

Frontier is bondIT's cutting-edge portfolio construction and management platform that helps investment professionals make data-driven decisions and streamline their workflows. It allows users to generate and rebalance portfolios based on different optimization criteria, individually configurable portfolio objectives and bond level constraints within minutes.

Scorable is bondIT's innovative technology for evaluating and projecting credit rating changes in fixed income securities. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze a wide range of data points and provides actionable insights.

Mr. Armagno adds, "Frontier has been a game changer for our team. It has significantly improved our ability to analyze and construct portfolios and has saved us a tremendous amount of time. Scorable has revolutionized the way we approach credit and relative value analysis. It’s a consistent and reliable framework and has enhanced our ability to identify risk as well as attractive investment opportunities.”

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