Ingenico offers multilingual EMV payments

Source: Ingenico

With (Dynamic Language Conversion), Ingenico proposes an automatic language selection application for its EMV payment terminals, offering cardholders the possibility of paying in their language, wherever they are.

In this way, Ingenico makes it easier for customers to buy things abroad and enables shopkeepers to offer an additional service to their international customers.

The DLC application uses data stored on the bankcard's chip to identify its holder's country of origin and therefore his/her language. The application thus automatically displays the standard payment help messages on the Ingenico terminal screen in the holder's language.

In this way, DLC completes the range of the Ingenico applications that simplify payments for foreign customers. The DCC, Dynamic Currency Conversion, application already installed on several million Ingenico EMV payment terminals instantaneously converts purchase amounts into the cardholder’s usual currency and allows the holder to pay in his/her own money and to know the exact amount he/she will be charged.

These applications demonstrate Ingenico's wish to provide its terminals with added-value solutions that improve the payment process and provide shopkeepers and consumers with real benefits.

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