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Broadridge partners FLX Networks as preferred data and analytics partner

Source: Broadridge Financial Solutions

Amid an environment where asset management firms are increasingly collaborating with digital platforms to help efficiently launch new product offerings and de-risk entry into new markets, FLX Networks, which modernizes, simplifies, and drives engagement between asset managers and financial advisors, has partnered with global Fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR) as a preferred data and analytics provider to asset management firms.

"Broadridge's analytics capabilities add powerful insights to guide targeted distribution and product strategies, allowing FLX to deliver a comprehensive data and analytics-enabled offering," said Brian Moran, FLX founder and CEO. "These powerful and efficient tools will help FLX support asset managers as they expand and grow."

Asset managers utilize FLX Networks to modularly implement a complementary turnkey distribution solution. Some leverage only data, digital, and technology capabilities, while others may require more hands-on engagement from personnel available through a shared client engagement team (wholesale, national accounts, and marketing). With each scenario, FLX will utilize Broadridge analytics and insights offerings to power the distribution services that FLX provides to asset managers. Broadridge's leading sales analytics, market analytics and Global Market Intelligence (GMI) products will also be available to clients on the FLX platform to provide market and product analysis to drive more efficient distribution strategies.

"Embedding Broadridge's data and analytics solutions into FLX's suite of distribution capabilities creates a powerful engine for asset managers to grow their assets, mutualize middle-office distribution costs, and defray fixed investments required to launch new strategies," said Dan Cwenar, head of Broadridge Data and Analytics. "FLX has demonstrated its ability to grow clients' assets, and we are excited to partner with FLX to support and accelerate that growth." 

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