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IPipelane data to be used by financial education platform Thrive Money

Source: iPipeline

iPipeline -- a leading provider of low code / no code content-enabled digital solutions and services to the UK financial services industry – has announced its data will now be used in the online financial education platform, Thrive Money.

Co-founded by Robert Caplan, Director and Head of Growth at First Wealth, and Zanna Van Dijk, entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger, Thrive Money aims to make financial guidance accessible to all. By using data, the organisation can offer consumer tools that can help them better understand and improve their personal finance.

Founded in March 2022 and powered by chartered financial planning firm First Wealth, Thrive Money’s mission is to guide younger people - in particular, Millennials and Gen Z - through the fundamentals of proper financial planning in an engaging and low-cost environment so they can make well-informed money decisions. The company reaches its target audience through social media - including Instagram- and runs live events and webinars featuring expert speakers with viewer interaction.

Using data from iPipeline’s PreQuo product, Thrive Money can power risk reports on mortgages and renting. On January 31, Thrive Money will include these interactive reports in its launch of a 30-day financial well-being programme, designed to help younger people understand and evaluate the resiliencies and vulnerabilities of their finances.

PreQuo gleans data from millions of insurance policy quotes which it then can model and predict a client’s needs and associated costs of improving sales conversion rates.

"As the founder of an award-winning financial planning company, I have witnessed, first-hand, that great financial planning can change people’s lives for the better,” said Caplan. “The clients I deal with day-to-day, however, do not always reflect the majority of society. For many, access to high quality and reliable advice is out of reach. Our solution to this problem as we strive to close the advice gap is by using Thrive Money.”

Kate Buckley, AVP of Client Distribution at iPipeline added, “The financial advice sector is eager to reach younger people -- and Thrive Money is doing just that by leveraging social media to build financial education and resilience. Our extensive data from our PreQuo system will help younger people who were unable to access traditional advice channels. We recognize the need to engage customers in different ways and through new channels, and this partnership will play an important part in achieving that goal.”

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