DSTi introduces automated reporting platform

Source: DSTi

DST International (DSTi) – the leader in asset management and business process management software solutions today announced that it has launched the Automated Reporting Solution, an enterprise reporting solution - integrating AWD, DSTi's market leading business process management product, with the comprehensive data management and reporting capabilities of DSTi's Investment Data Solutions.

This unique combination offers investment organisations a total web-enabled solution for high quality report production.

DSTi's Automated Reporting Solution targets the problem areas at all key stages of the report production process; from initial validity checking of the source data, through managing the physical production of the report with input from multiple stakeholders, to final report distribution and fulfilment. All classes of report, whether for external clients and trustees, internal management or for marketing collateral, can be generated in an efficient, controlled, timely and accurate manner for even the largest global investment institutions.

DSTi's Head of Investment Data Solutions Steve Cheng, states: "Traditionally report production has been a time consuming and labour intensive process and usually carried out to tight deadlines. Accurate and timely data must be sourced and cross-referenced from disparate internal and external sources; data, commentary and graphical elements must be incorporated into any number of house-styles and the final output distributed to numerous recipients often through multiple distribution mechanisms."

"Each client (internal or external) has their own needs for information and presentation and although the final performance is what matters most, the presentation of the facts and the communication of the results is an important ingredient for the quality perception and satisfaction of the customer, trustee, management and other readers. This way we use what is already there in terms of data and processes and enable mass customisation of information in a cost-efficient and communicative manner," Steve Cheng concludes.

Available immediately, DSTi's Automated Reporting Solution will benefit service providers and users by:

  • Giving "Dashboard" style control over the whole process, ensuring service levels are met. Delays are immediately identified, pre-empted and appropriate escalation action taken to ensure the reports are produced to the agreed timescale.
  • Producing quality controlled financial reports within reporting deadlines, every time, using a high degree of process automation for common steps and shared components.
  • Ensuring contributors and editors need to be involved by exception only, minimising the time and effort required, whilst giving a much increased sense of comfort that the end product is to standard and fit for release.

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