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BNY Mellon rolls out new aggregated payment platform

Source: BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon today launched Vaia, its new aggregated payment platform that gives US-based institutions access to the latest digital payment options for disbursements.

Through a single integration with BNY Mellon, institutions can now provide their payees with access to Vaia's wide range of payment choices - including real-time payments via RTP®, Same-Day ACH, Tokenized Payments with Zelle®, and debit cards - all on a client-branded front end. This could significantly reduce the time and resources needed for businesses to connect with all available payment rails.

"End customers want greater choice in how they are paid, but with so many digital payment options emerging, businesses are struggling to stay up to date with, and connected to, the latest capabilities," says Jennifer Barker, CEO of Treasury Services at BNY Mellon. "Vaia does the heavy lifting to ensure that our clients' end customers always have access to the latest suite of digital payment options."

The new platform was built in collaboration with Verituity, a cloud-based solution that connects banks, payers, and payees to first-time and on-time digital payouts. Earlier this year, BNY Mellon announced that Verituity had joined its Accelerator Program, which fosters collaboration with the best developing technology companies to create next-generation solutions for emerging business challenges.

Vaia leverages BNY Mellon's Account Validation Services to verify payee identities and validate accounts end-to-end, helping to mitigate payment fraud and deliver a safe and efficient payment process. Going forward, Vaia will also continue to add the latest payment innovations to its portfolio of solutions, ensuring that clients and their payees have access to the most up-to-date digital payment options.

Vaia is currently available to BNY Mellon clients in the US, with plans to support cross-border payments in future roll-out phases.

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