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Plaid introduces Wallet Onboard tool for crypto

Source: Plaid

From supporting their favorite artists to unlocking online worlds, consumers are using crypto in creative ways every day.

Yet, it is still challenging for consumers to connect their crypto wallets across all of web3. Likewise, the ever-changing crypto ecosystem makes it increasingly difficult for developers to provide easy, safe tools to onboard and connect to all of the crypto wallets consumers use.

Plaid was founded to solve account-linking challenges for digital finance. Over the past decade, Plaid Link has become the most familiar, trusted, and reliable way for consumers to connect their financial accounts across thousands of leading fintech apps and services.

Today, we’re bringing this technology and experience to web3 through Wallet Onboard, a safe and easy way for developers to onboard their consumers through a seamless wallet-linking experience. Wallet Onboard allows developers to enable connectivity to more than 300 self-custody crypto wallets through a single integration.

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A familiar, trusted user experience that’s highly personalized
Wallet Onboard is built on top of Plaid Link, a familiar and trusted user interface used by almost one in four Americans today. Consumers connecting their crypto wallets to web3 apps for the first time will experience a dynamic drop down list which includes recently used and currently available wallets, making the process personalized and extremely easy and fast. On top of that, no wallet address or hashed wallet address information is collected.

A dynamic end-to-end onboarding solution for web3 developers
Not only is Wallet Onboard a safe and secure consumer experience, it was built with a developer-first approach. We know from experience that integrating with multiple wallets and managing them on an ongoing basis is a complex technical challenge. Our goal is to help developers focus on building new web3 product experiences for consumers by abstracting the technical work required to onboard and manage wallet connections.

A single integration for 300+ wallets

Instead of manually integrating many wallets at a time, developers can simply manage one simple SDK integration and unlock connectivity to hundreds of self-custody wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet and Ledger.

One drop-in integration and onboarding UX across all wallet platforms

Consumers are using wallets across browser plugins, mobile apps, in-wallet browsers, hardware wallets, MPC wallets, and more. Managing these diverse wallet requirements, from their UX, to what Ethereum network/chain they are on is extremely cumbersome and time consuming. We’ve streamlined this for developers, so that end-users see a single drop-in integration optimized for onboarding to over 300+ self-custody wallets across multiple platforms.

Automated wallet updates and optimizations

Wallet Onboard gets updated on an ongoing basis as new wallet integrations are added. Instead of staying up to date and managing multiple libraries to integrate new wallets into the onboarding experience, Wallet Onboard does this for developers automatically.  

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