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Adaptive Financial to work with Google Cloud

Source: Adaptive Financial Consulting

Adaptive Financial Consulting (Adaptive), a specialist global trading technology solution provider, today announces a partnership with Google Cloud to tackle the challenges associated with trading in capital markets.

Adaptive builds and operates bespoke trading systems across asset classes for financial services firms wanting to own their technology to differentiate and compete in the long term. The collaboration boosts Adaptive’s capabilities to deliver its services with the assistance of Google Cloud’s processing power and analytical capabilities, allowing Adaptive and its clients to innovate and modernize their infrastructures. The partnership will also bolster resilience for services built on Google Cloud.

The partnership with Google Cloud follows Adaptive’s acquisition earlier this year of low-latency trading technology provider, Real Logic, the founders of Aeron, a cloud native open source suite of components for message transport and fault tolerant service containers designed for trading system development. Aeron also underpins Adaptive’s Hydra Platform – a framework that accelerates the delivery of trading solutions for its capital markets clients.

Fergus Keenan, Chief Strategy Officer at Adaptive, said: “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant shift in the willingness for capital markets firms to move trading workflows to the cloud. To remain competitive, firms have had to evolve swiftly, both in terms of how and where they trade, with clunky and archaic trading infrastructures giving way to unencumbered, resilient and reliable cloud services.

“Adaptive’s Aeron runs natively on the cloud, providing fast, highly secure, fault-tolerance, round-the-clock, low-latency messaging services, which gives our clients the assurance that their platform will continue to run smoothly in any market condition. Partnering with Google Cloud will allow our clients to differentiate further using the full potential of Google Cloud’s capabilities whilst benefiting from the technological resiliency offered by Aeron.”

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