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GNY launches mobile wallet

Source: GNY

GNY, the leading blockchain based machine learning business, has launched the GNY Mobile Wallet, allowing users to access the GNY blockchain conveniently through their Android and IOS mobile devices.

The GNY Mobile Wallet allows users to manage their GNY assets and vote for the delegates that secure the GNY blockchain network. Users can also create new tokens on the GNY Mainnet network all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

The GNY Mobile Wallet was developed by The Distance, an award winning UK-based mobile app developer.The Distance combined GNY’s futuristic aesthetic and cutting edge technology to bring access to the GNY network for its on-the-go users. The mobile app seamlessly integrates with the legacy desktop version of the technology and all interfaces reflect the real time
activity and structure of the decentralized network. 

“The GNY Mobile Wallet is another important technological investment in the company’s long term objective to make blockchain and machine learning services accessible to everyone,” says GNY co-founder Richard Jarritt.

Future versions of the GNY Mobile Wallet will include SwapGate and Delegate registration. Additionally GNY is releasing an upgraded version of the GNY BTC Range Report in October, and there are plans to include the BTC predictive service within future versions of the GNY Mobile Wallet.

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