Digital securities trading platform Assetera joins Dino distribution network

Source: Assetera

Assetera, the first EU-regulated trading platform for digital securities and digital assets, licensed and supervised by the Austrian FMA, partners with Tokeny, the leading tokenization solutions provider. With this partnership, Assetera will become a liquidity venue compatible with DINO, the global distribution network for tokenized private assets, leveraging the ERC3643 protocol, to provide European investors with diversified global assets and facilitate liquidity.

Mathieu Cottin, Chief of Operations at Tokeny (On the left), with Thomas Labenbacher, CEO of Assetera (On the right) announced the partnership at Munich Security Token Conference (

We’ve been closely following the market, and it is clear that ERC3643 is becoming a proven token standard for digital securities. We see the huge opportunities in interoperability the ERC3643 standard brings, allowing the creation of a global distribution network and innovative DeFi use cases such as collateralization.

Thomas Labenbacher
CEO of Assetera

In addition, the partnership with Tokeny will also allow its customers to have a one-stop shop from tokenizing assets to listing digital securities for secondary trading in Europe.

As a regulated trading platform, we want to make sure that our customers, being issuers, market makers, or investors, can use a compliance framework for tokenization, primary and secondary market trading, and custody. Partnering with Tokeny will enable us to list more interesting digital securities, and connect our liquidity pools with others from the DINO distribution network.

Thomas Labenbacher
CEO of Assetera

Tokeny is known for its enterprise-grade tokenization solutions to allow banks, funds, asset managers, and asset servicers to easily issue, manage and transfer digital securities or stablecoins using the ERC3643 token standard. Additionally, it serves as a technology enabler for service providers seeking to participate in the ERC3643 ecosystem.

The adoption of tokenized securities was slow in Europe because of the lack of trading venues. Our partner Assetera is tackling this issue with a unique model for trading securities, leveraging blockchain networks for onchain settlement in a peer-to-peer manner. Together with builders like Assetera, we are making private markets more liquid, interoperable, and efficient. 

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