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Intix releases regulatory compliance tech

Source: Intix

Intix is proud to launch xCOMPLY to help financial institutions deal with compliance operations more efficiently.

Regulatory requirements are becoming more and more complex, and financial institutions know that access to transaction data has become a must. However, the evolution of the regulatory landscape means that transparency on the business context of transactions has become vital. xCOMPLY achieves this by helping financial institutions to know their transaction (KYT) in a holistic and deep way. By combining transaction data with additional data sets, xCOMPLY will deliver contextual insights to support compliance with regulatory obligations. Understanding the origin of a payment allows financial institutions to analyse end-to-end business context and avoid non-compliance.

Marc Braet, Co-founder and CEO, Intix explains the product strategy decision: “Every piece of data counts in compliance operations. There is no escape for financial institutions to knowing their transactions as deeply as possible: they ought to get a holistic view on payments and their business context to comply with regulatory obligations. We designed xCOMPLY to help them achieve this as efficiently as possible.”

xCOMPLY enriches Intix product portfolio which also includes xTRAIL for instant access to transaction data, and xTRACE for end-to-end transaction tracking, business activity monitoring and alerting.

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