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ErisX introduces settlement service for OTC crypto transactions

Source: ErisX

ErisX, a Cboe Global Markets company, today announced it has introduced the ErisX Settlement Service, a new solution designed to help remove settlement risk for over-the-counter (OTC) crypto transactions.

The new offering expands ErisX’s suite of tools for institutional investors, enabling them to settle OTC trades with other ErisX customers using a transparent U.S. licensed crypto spot market.

The ErisX Settlement Service can be accessed via standardized API or ErisX’s fully integrated Trading User Interface.

“The ErisX marketplace was conceived from building blocks used in the traditional financial markets. Our newly launched ErisX Settlement Service responds to customer demand for a solution that helps remove settlement risk while also reducing the operational burden for OTC trading,” said Matthew Trudeau, Chief Operating Officer of ErisX. “We look forward to welcoming new investors to our crypto markets with an efficient and effective solution for clearing and settlement.” 

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