Deepnet Technologies launches unified authentication platform

Source: Deepnet Technologies

Deepnet Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of strong authentication and anti-phishing solutions, today announced general availability of its unified authentication platform which provides, and seamlessly manages, as many as 8 unique authentication methods and user credentials, covering one-time passwords, tokens, smart cards and biometrics, on one single platform.

Deepnet Unified Authentication provides a single identity management platform for all types of applications: Internet services, remote access and enterprise networks.

Deepnet Unified Authentication is the only two-factor and two-way authentication platform that offers security, mobility and usability, allowing customers to login to their online accounts anywhere at anytime, without carrying any additional hardware devices.

Innovation is a corner stone of the unified authentication platform, which is based on five patent pending technologies. These unique technologies combined, provide strong security with great usability at a low cost, accomplishing the optimal balance between business security, customer convenience, total cost of ownership and regulatory compliance. Deepnet Unified Authentication exceeds the compliance guidance of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).

Deepnet Unified Authentication is the most comprehensive and versatile two-factor and two-way authentication platform available today that delivers significantly lower TCO than traditional hardware tokens, and ultimate user-friendliness to end users.

"The assumption that "One size Fits All" doesn’t work anymore as different business applications require different levels of security. Different users desire different forms of credentials. Different environments demand different types of authentication… Achieving the right balance of authentication security without compromising the user experience or the bottom line has always been a challenging task for businesses”, said Deepnet's CEO Yurong Lin. "With our new platform, businesses can stay ahead with "one platform fits all" as our unified authentication platform caters for all different types of authentication methods: tokens, smartcards, biometrics and, for all types of business applications." Deepnet Unified Authentication solution is currently being rigorously tested by several companies.

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