Thyron Systems Chip and PIN device receives approval from Retail Logic


Thyron Systems, the specialist provider of terminals and applications for secure mobile and portable card transactions, today announced that it has achieved full integration for their PosMate® 100 PIN Pad with SmartSwitch, Retail Logic's proven Chip and PIN EMV solution for Retailers.

The PosMate® 100 PIN Pad is an innovative Chip and PIN Entry Device designed for customer PIN verification at an integrated Point of Sale system.

It has an attractive ergonomic design, can be hand held or pole mounted and has an unobtrusive, integrated privacy shield to prevent visual PIN number entry compromise in open and busy retailer environments.

The privacy shield design meets the proposed recommendations for protection against potential "shoulder surfing" as provided by the management and focus groups involved in the UK's Chip and PIN programme. It also meets most of the specific recommendations, with regard to the overall keypad physical design and layout, by disability action groups advising to the same program.

The PosMate® 100 PIN Pad has achieved all the requisite International certifications from the card payment associations, EMV Levels 1 and 2 along with VISA PED.

Commenting on the news of the approval with SmartSwitch Nigel Cullum, Sales and Marketing Manager with Thyron Systems remarks: "We are delighted to make available a new and visually appealing PIN entry device for Retail Logic customers going through their Chip and PIN upgrades. As mid-tier retailers start to evaluate their requirements, it is clear that having an improved product range is important to meet individual needs."

Mark McMurtrie, Marketing Director at Retail Logic, adds: "The choice of PoS hardware is a very subjective decision. Offering our customers the widest-possible choice of hardware is one of our key business criteria. Our work with Thyron in getting the PosMate® 100 approved with SmartSwitch is the latest example of that philosophy."

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