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Linedata enhances offering with BTON partnership

Source: Linedata

Linedata (Euronext Paris: LIN), a global provider of asset management and credit technology data and services, today announced the evolution of its cloud-based Asset Management Platform (AMP), further enabling intelligent automation of trading workflows.

This includes a new best execution trading solution within AMP, through collaboration with BTON Financial. The solution - Smart Broker Router - is now available worldwide to asset managers, who will benefit from automated trading workflows and data-driven decision making, thus improving trading outcomes.

There is increasing pressure on asset managers to do more with less as costs climb and revenues decrease. Efficiencies must be found to stay competitive and best execution is increasingly critical as firms try to secure the most optimized price and trade execution possible. Linedata’s cloud-based trading solutions enable investment managers to enjoy benefits of outsourcing such as intelligent automation, while retaining complete control over broker and execution relationships.

“We are innovating continuously and by forming strategic partnerships with companies such as BTON Financial, we will help even more asset managers gain an edge against competitors and operate in a leaner way amidst a difficult economy. Automated SaaS tools, such as the Smart Broker Router, add value to AMP in two key ways: trading performance is improved by using large TCA datasets that asset managers would struggle to collect and maintain in-house, and automation frees up time to work on larger orders,” said Timothée Raymond, Global Head of Innovation and Technology at Linedata. “Our strategy moving forward will see the addition of many more turnkey trading solutions to Linedata AMP that will empower asset managers to get an edge on their competition.”

Linedata’s trading solution enables scalability while reducing the need for custom integrations. The BTON Smart Broker Router routes relevant orders to the most appropriate broker for that specific order, using a database of post-trade Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) as pre-trade analysis, and is available now for asset managers who trade globally.

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