Calyon Financial connects to the European Energy Exchange with GL Trade


GL TRADE, the leading provider of financial data feed, clearing, trading and settlement solutions, has developed a gateway to the Leipzig-based European Energy Exchange (EEX). Calyon Financial, formerly known as Carr Futures, global derivative brokers, has taken up this connection through GL NET. This arrangement enables Calyon Financial to collect orders from other brokers to trade Electricity Futures listed on the Exchange without being full members themselves.

This new arrangement with EEX takes place soon after Calyon Financial connected to the London-based International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), also through GL NET.

Jonathan Bradshaw, e-Brokerage Manager for Europe at Calyon Financial, said, "By using the newly extended facilities that GL TRADE has provided, we have expanded our clients' opportunities for electronic trading of commodities."

GL NET is the largest global proprietary network dedicated to electronic trading and providing market data information. Philippe Carre observed, "This latest GL TRADE gateway connection to EEX, after our IPE gateway agreement, illustrates our continuing strategy of broadening the scope of our commodities markets' offering. We are delighted to welcome Calyon Financial as our first client to connect to EEX, and will continue to explore ways of expanding commodity trading opportunities for our clients."

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