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CQG joins FIA Tech’s Databank Network as first ISV

Source: CQG

FIA Tech, the leading technology provider to the exchange-traded derivative industry, announced today that CQG, a leading global provider of high-performance technology solutions for traders, brokers, commercial hedgers and exchanges, has joined the FIA Tech Databank Network.

Databank Network is FIA Tech’s initiative to bring together independent software vendors (ISVs), exchanges, clearing houses and other data providers into an interoperable global network simplifying the use of reference data, analytics and software solutions from participating firms.

Databank Network unifies reference data from over 80 exchanges and central counterparties (CCPs) globally, leading index providers including FTSE, MSCI, S&P and STOXX, and data vendors EDI and Factset. CQG is the first ISV to join the network.

Andrew Castello, Head of Reference Data at FIA Tech, said: “We are thrilled that CQG is joining Databank Network and CQG customers will have ready access to the industry services FIA Tech provides. This partnership is a further example of FIA Tech’s commitment to supporting the ISV community to further our mission to bring innovation to the derivatives industry.”

“We are delighted to join the Databank Network as the first ISV,” said Pat Kenny, Senior Vice President of Client Relations at CQG. “We’re pleased to be part of this industry-wide, global solution to streamline information for market participants and appreciate FIA Tech’s leadership on this effort.”

By incorporating CQG symbology into the global product reference data maintained on the Databank Network, CQG platforms will be fully interoperable with all FIA Tech services as well as other future ISV participants in the Databank Network. FIA Tech’s Databank provides firms with a cross-reference of exchange and vendor product symbologies, which can be used by subscribers to simplify integration of systems from best of breed providers, communicate more easily with clients and counterparties, and simplify integration to FIA Tech services.

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