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Fideuram-ISPB to advance digital wealth management with Alpian

Source: Alpian

Alpian SA (“Alpian”) and Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking (“Fideuram-ISPB”) are partnering to advance the digital wealth management offering for the clients of Fideuram-ISPB, leveraging Alpian’s knowledge in technology development and mobile-first user experience for digital wealth management services

The move follows Fideuram-ISPB’s CHF 19 million equity investment into Alpian, Switzerland’s first digital private bank, during its Series B+ financing round in April 2022, and represents an expanded collaboration between the two banks.

Fideuram-ISPB has identified Alpian as a strategic partner to advance Fideuram-ISPB’s digital wealth management offerings, which currently serve 60’000 clients.

Alpian has developed expertise in building mobile-first digital wealth management offerings using cloud-based technologies and agile product development. The combination of this expertise with Fideuram-ISPB’s private banking knowledge will allow to develop a product roadmap designed to enhance the digital wealth management offerings for Fideuram-ISPB’s clients.

Luca Bortolan, Head of Direct Bank at Fideuram-ISPB, said: “After the investment to launch the first Swiss digital private bank, we have found in Alpian a strategic partner to power the digital wealth management service offering of Fideuram-ISPB Direct Bank. We will be leveraging the experience that the team has built while creating a mobile-first digital private banking offering using state-of-the-art technologies”.

Schuyler Weiss, Chief Executive Officer at Alpian, said: “This strategic partnership demonstrates the potential of bringing together a large leading private bank and a new digital private bank to drive value for Fideuram-ISPB’s clients, employees and stakeholders. We look forward to working together to build on the power of Alpian’s technology and expertise of our team to drive large-scale change for the wealth management industry.”

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