Euronext reports first quarter revenue growth; cash trading and information services post falls


Euronext NV publishes quarterly revenues of €236.7m. This represents an increase of 10.5% compared with the same period in 2003. Again, our derivatives business showed strong growth in volumes traded, + 29.8% compared to a year ago, generating revenues in progress of 17% year on year, in line with the business mix. All business lines, with the exception of cash trading and information services that slightly declined, delivered strong revenue growth.


Listing fees
The listing activity saw a recovery this quarter with 6 new listings (during Q1, 2003 only one Ipo was registered). Listing revenues reached €8.2m this quarter, a +42.8% increase compared to the same period in 2003.

Cash trading The cash trading revenues reached €46.5m for the first quarter of the year 2004. Compared to the same period of 2003, revenues decline slightly by €1.1m. The increase in volumes (+15.6% in Q1, 2004 compared to Q1, 2003) did not offset completely the decrease in the average fee per trade following the implementation of our new tariff structure and the ongoing concentration in the brokerage industry.

Derivatives trading This business realised a strong performance: overall volumes increased by 29.8% compared to Q1, 2003 (equity products increased by 30.4% and interest rate products continued to post excellent growth +29% year on year; despite already a very strong performance in 2003 +43%). As a result revenues progressed by +17.1% compared to last year.

Clearing The retrocession paid by LCH.Clearnet is €10.8m, an increase of +3.6% compared to the restated revenues for Q1, 2003 (€10.4m). This is in line with the market activity and in conformance with our expectations.

Settlement and custody These revenues increased by 15.1% compared to Q1, 2003, benefiting from the recovery in stock prices which impacted positively the revenues generated by custody fees, especially in Belgium.

Information services The revenues of this business line amounts to €21.5m in Q1, 2004; nearly flat compared to Q1, 2003 and in line with our forecast and the level of activity observed during the last quarters of 2003.

Sales of developed software/solutions Revenues grow by 10.6 % year on year, amounting to €43.7m, against €39.5m in Q1, 2003. This is due to the good performance of GL Trade (quarterly revenues of €35.8m, up 13.3 % compared to a year ago).

Other Revenues This quarter other revenues were twice as high as in 2003 (reaching €4.9m against €2.4m last year) boosted by the costs of services recharged to LCH.Clearnet.

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