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Pello Capital to accept fees payed in crypto

Source: Pello Capital

Pello Capital, the intelligent and transparent investment company, has announced plans to become the first ever regulated institution to allow listed corporate customers the option to pay their annual fees using cryptocurrency.

The move will allow publicly traded companies the option to pay using over seven cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and Litecoin.

Alongside the move, Pello is also launching a facility to allow clients to spread the cost of their annual fees over 12 monthly installments at no extra cost. This is the first step in the investment bank’s goal to create a much more flexible and user driven format than the current traditional corporate broking experience. This service will be available in the next 30 days to existing and new listed clients in the UK.
Pello Capital started as an ideal. In an industry focused more on profit margins than community the founders felt lost. There was no brand that championed consumer outcomes and engagement whilst offering the efficiency and experience of a tech company with the warmth and service of a traditional brokerage. With this goal at the foundation of the business, Pello Capital was launched in 2017.

Daniel Gee, MD at Pello Capital, commented, “This is an exciting time for Pello and our corporate customers. We have built our business on accessibility and this announcement is our next move in creating a more user-friendly corporate broking product. Alongside Rishi Sunak’s comments on making Britain a “global hub for crypto” we’ve listened to our customers and are giving them the option to start embracing cryptocurrency in a safe and measured way.

The team are delighted to be able to offer a true industry first and we are extremely excited about what the future holds and how we can pivot as a business to remain at the forefront of innovation. Our belief is that access to good quality investors and growth capital shouldn’t be a privilege but a right for every listed company. Pello aims to lead the way by creating a fair and transparent platform that gives our clients the best chance of success for their business and investments”

Pello bridges technology and customer services to provide investment solutions to everyone from an inexperienced individual who's never invested to big banks. The investment company treat each customer as an individual to ensure they understand specific investment needs.

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