FöreningsSparbanken extends Utimaco Safeware security services contract


The FöreningsSparbanken, one of the biggest banking institutions in Scandinavia, has signed a new long term maintenance contract, worth 1.4 million Euros, with Utimaco Safeware.

The FöreningsSparbanken have been using Utimaco's security solutions across the board, on over 15,000 Windows workplaces, and also Terminal Servers and clients, since 1998.

In addition Utimaco has worked together with the Swedish service provider Setec to create the bank's own security infrastructure (Public Key Infrastructure). With this maintenance contract, which includes services and consulting, Utimaco Safeware will continue to play an essential role in the further development and implementation of the bank's security concept.

Utimaco's SafeGuard Advanced Security is part of the standard equipment on personal computers and terminals/server clients in the bank. The bank uses the security software in combination with user identity cards (smart cards and certificates) to allow users to logon to workstations and the network in an extremely secure and convenient way. In this process, SafeGuard Advanced Security not only checks the user's identity and access right, but also uses mutual "handshaking" to check the identity of the machines involved. The bank can consequently be certain that only authorised people and authorised machines can logon locally and to the network.

Easy-to-use Single Sign-On automates and simplifies the procedure for logging on to different network resources and reduces the support needed to cover forgotten passwords. In addition the Notebooks of the bank are encrypted by Utimaco Safeware's SafeGuard Easy. Further on the FöreningsSparbanken develop their own independent security solutions based on Utimaco's extensive cryptography libraries.

"We are pleased with the long-term confidence placed in our security solutions by the FöreningsSparbanken", said Martin Wülfert, CEO of Utimaco Safeware AG. "In Europe, Scandinavia is leading the way in introducing new IT and security technologies. We benefit from working together with the FöreningsSparbanken because they spur us to continue development of our products and solutions, which also helps our other customers world-wide", said Wülfert.

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