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Plinqit integrates Jack Henry's Banno platform

Source: Plinqit

Plinqit, the only savings platform of its kind that pays users for learning about personal finances, announced today that its platform is now accessible through Jack Henry’s Banno Digital Platform.

Plinqit integrated to Jack Henry using the Banno Digital Toolkit, which employs the same open API on which the Banno Digital Platform operates. The Banno Digital Toolkit provides fintechs an easy way to embed their solutions into digital banking experiences curated by community and regional financial institutions. Plinqit adds to a growing library of popular fintech services that are fully integrated into the Banno Digital Platform, giving banks and credit unions fast, secure, on-demand access to the most relevant innovations in the fintech ecosystem.

Unlike any other savings platform on the market, Plinqit’s patented Build Skills™ allows users to not only interact with content that improves their financial literacy, but they are paid to do so. Understanding that saving is the first step on the path to financial wellness, Plinqit provides users with a free, simple and easy-to-use way to save and plan for future financial needs.

For financial institutions, the platform costs less than the cost of a traditional savings account. Additionally, by helping banks and credit unions attract and retain consumers in a unique way, Plinqit offers financial institutions a way to build stronger connections.

“Plinqit has been anticipating our relationship with Jack Henry, as their Banno Digital Toolkit is exactly what was needed to encompass the sophisticated, personal and seamless user experience we value,” said Kathleen Craig, Founder and CEO of Plinqit. “Our current shared Banno clients are eager to utilize this new, embedded version of Plinqit, and we are thrilled to continue relationships with forward-thinking fintechs.”

“To prepare for the future, financial institutions must be ready and willing to adapt, innovate and differentiate quickly while keeping personal connection at the center of the customer’s digital experience,” said Julie Morlan, Senior Managing Director of Digital Solutions at Jack Henry. “We have built best-in-class developer tools to allow fintechs like Plinqit to grow our ecosystem and give our bank and credit union customers the innovative tools they need to compete.”

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