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MAS-licenced Kilde debuts alternative investment comparison website

Source: KILDE

KILDE, an investment platform regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) used by credit funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals to discover and invest in high-yield income-generating assets, has launched an alternative investment comparison website for the Singapore market.

The website will allow individual investors to compare returns from popular investment providers that offer exposure to alternative assets. The interactive comparison tool shows declared returns, fees, and minimum investments.

KILDE’s new comparison tool shines a light on the three main business models alternative asset providers in Singapore adopt to charge fees to investors:
1. ETF (exchange-traded fund) platforms take a percentage charge on the outstanding invested balance. The more funds are invested, the less the nominal value of the percentage charge. Those fees start at 0.2 per cent per year and reach up to 0.8 per cent per year. (KILDE’s own model with a 0.5 per cent fee on the outstanding balance per year is close to the ETF distribution model.)
2. Platforms offering shares in specialised funds (not ETFs), tokenized for greater accessibility, charge one-time subscription fees between 1 and 5 per cent. Annual charges by the fund managers are added to the bill as well.
3. Platforms dealing in less common investments like SME debt, charge a percentage from earnings made by the investor. Fees on earnings range between 15 and 20 per cent of the earnings.

Radek Jezbera, Co-founder of KILDE, said: “Finding a suitable investment can be tricky. Investments are often presented confusingly and investments of different types are directly compared with each other. In most markets, there are investment comparison sites helping investors to navigate ample offerings. To our surprise, we have not found such a site available to investors in Singapore. Fortunately, we regularly research available investment offerings. Our new comparison website has collated information on income investments from the major investment platforms, carefully distinguishing between annual returns, fees and average deductions. We will continue to work on the website adding new investments and providers.”

Aleksandra Yurchenko, Head of Investor Relations at KILDE, said: “Alternative assets have recently become accessible to regular investors through tech-enabled market platforms. These platforms provide a superior customer experience while offering higher returns with low volatility. Certain alternative assets better target environmental and sustainability goals by better enabling access to credit and supporting specific green and socially inclusive projects. Research shows that ultra-wealthy families had about 50 per cent of their assets invested in alternatives, which is more than three times as much as mass affluent investors and ten times as much as retail investors.”

Kelvin Lee, CEO of Fundnel, Southeast Asia’s largest private investment technology platform, said: “We are excited about the launch. KILDE’s new comparison website provides investors valuable information about the market for alternative investments, increasing awareness of different opportunities and serving as a powerful tool to analyze and evaluate these opportunities.”

Willie Chang, CEO of Hg Exchange, a leading private securities exchange licensed by the MAS, said: “Ultimately, this website will help empower investors to make better informed decisions, leading to greater market transparency and helping build a greater overall understanding of alternative investments.”

KILDE’s investors include Purple Ventures, a European private venture capital fund investing smart seed money into early-stage fintech startups with a proven business model expanding their business globally, Dubai Fintech Ventures, a joint venture between Visa, Mashreq Bank, and DIFC, as well as serial angel investors Murat Abdrakhmanov, Adil Nurgozhin, and Olzhas Zhiyenkulov. KILDE is a member of Hub71, a global tech ecosystem in the heart of Abu Dhabi, enabling startups to grow and graduate from Startupbootcamp Fintech Dubai, and a member firm at HGX, a private exchange formed by an alliance of leading capital market intermediaries to facilitate cross-border issuance and trading of securities.

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