Digital Check upgrades TellerScan product line

Source: Digital Check

Digital Check Corporation today announced the release of three new TellerScan check scanners.

These include: two models of the TellerScan 230 - the TS 230-65 which processes up to 65 items per minute and the faster TS 230-100 which is capable of capturing up to 100 items per minute; and the TS 215 which is designed for single-feed smaller-volume applications.

The new TellerScan scanners are a direct result of Digital Check's continuous quality improvement program and evolve from the extremely reliable TS 220E and TS 210E platform. These new products are the fourth generation of product enhancements - with further improved MICR, image thresholding, and new features, such as increased scan speed, universal power supply, and new Double Feed No Stop, which analyzes suspect items in real time to help increase throughput and productivity.

"The objectives for the new TS 230/215 models, were to leverage the proven reliability and performance of the TS 220E, and to bring significantly greater scan speed, performance, and value," stated John Gainer, executive vice president of Digital Check. "We have priced the TS 230-65 model comparable to the predecessor TS 220E, to help boost the adoption rate of distributed capture and remote deposit."

The TS 230 is ergonomically designed for teller operations or remote deposit (corporate or merchant) applications with a small footprint and quiet operation. The new "continuous feeder," which is a unique Digital Check scanner feature, along with significantly increased duty cycle, enables virtually continuous operation as additional checks can be added to the feeder during scanning operations. As a result, checks no longer have to be placed into the input tray in discrete batches and scanning throughput can be increased.

The new TS 230 auto-feeder models have a self-adjusting, jam-resistant feeder with a double feed infrared sensor that protects against piggybacked or missed items. The new Double Feed No Stop feature analyzes suspect items in real time, allowing scanning of 'thick items' such as rebate checks and avoiding false double feeds.

"We have already had users of the new TS 230s and TS 215s tell us they feel the scanners provide the highest MICR read rates on the market today," stated Gainer. "I attribute this to good MICR design and components, but just as important, I believe our unique Best Read® MICR technology is the key. This combines our adaptive thresholding to provide sharp, high-quality images, with OCR MICR verification to yield the best possible results. And with the internal IQA functions within our API interface, TellerScan provides exceptional image quality as well," Gainer added.

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