Tokyo Stock Exchange to introduce XBRL reporting system

Source: Tokyo Stock Exchange

XBRL will be an extremely effective technology in digesting corporate financial information.

Also, by providing this information in a timely manner, XBRL will further enhance the market price finding function based on rational investment judgments backed by fundamentals.

Tokyo Stock Exchange will work hard to spread XBRL and ensure this effective technology is used by securities markets.

In line with the incorporation of XBRL into EDINET, the statutory disclosure system used by the Financial Services Agency, the Tokyo Stock Exchange is certain to facilitate the incorporation of XBRL for disseminating, receiving and providing enhanced information relating to business results, thus improving the provision of information to investors.

Trial opening of XBRL data (Earning Dijest Form)

In order to deepen knowledge on XBRL among investors and listed companies, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has set up the TSE's XBRL SITE.

This gives an overview and structure of XBRL and Tokyo Stock Exchange's efforts towards e-disclosure. And the Tokyo Stock Exchange have publicize case examples of XBRL data on a trial basis, and also the taxonomy developed as a prototype relating to earnings digests stored at TDnet(Timely Disclosure Network) by the end of this fiscal year.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has actually been using this trial data, which is expected to help XBRL in Japan and all over the world.

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