Avarin Systems releases StrataSearch 3.0

Source: Avarin Systems

The release of StrataSearch Version 3.0 brings the power of system trading into the hands of individual traders by using artificial intelligence to simplify the process of creating a customized, profitable system.

While technical analysis software has made many great advances in the last decade, it has still required significant programming or other technical skills to create robust systems. With StrataSearch Version 3.0, users simply click a button and let their computers assemble a profitable system automatically.

When users initiate an automated search, they will see little more than progress bars and colorful formulas flashing across their screen. But behind the scenes, the system is crunching massive volumes of numbers. Depending on the number of symbols and time periods evaluated, StrataSearch can evaluate hundreds of thousands of possible strategies each day. The system uses a method called fuzzy logic to evaluate any combination of 300+ performance numbers such as Annual Return, Percent Profitable, K-Ratio and Skew in a manner simulating what a trader might select when faced with an abundance of data and choices. In the end, the user is provided with a single result reflecting the highest scoring system found up to that point.

While StrataSearch is simple to use for novice traders, advanced traders will also appreciate the flexibility. They can, for example, configure their own scoring algorithms to set different weights on the various performance numbers. And they can create their own trading rules or custom formulas based on tips, books, or articles from magazines such as Stocks & Commodities. Users can also configure their search to focus on different sectors, or include multiple sectors in their searches.

In Version 3.0, StrataSearch has added a host of features common in many other technical analysis software packages. In addition to the Detailed Analysis Report that displays equity charts, performance numbers and drawdowns, traders can also view Monte Carlo simulations, and trade excursion and efficiency charts. Users can display price charts using standard price bars, Candlesticks, Renko, Equivolume, Kagi, and numerous other styles. Plus, an integrated Stock Screener allows filtering and ranking of stocks based on a flexible criteria. Users will also appreciate the Buy/Sell Signals Listing, which provides single-click access to charts, company financials, analyst recommendations, news stories and more.

As computers become increasingly powerful, trading and analysis software is advancing to take full advantage of that speed and power. System trading is equally on the rise as more and more traders use their computers to enhance their trading. By combining artificial intelligence with the standard features traders have come to expect, StrataSearch helps traders create and trade customized systems quickly, easily and efficiently.

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