ICBC rolls out Radvision video conferencing network across branches

Source: Radvision

RADVISION (Nasdaq: RVSN), a leading provider of multimedia conferencing and communications platforms, today announced that the RADVISION viaIP Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) has been deployed by the International Bank of China (ICBC).

ICBC is using the solution to connect its 81 branch offices across the Asia Pacific region in order to improve its internal financial consulting, briefing and training efforts. Digital Global Technology (DGT) has integrated the RADVISION products into the overall solution that it is sourcing to ICBC.

The viaIP powered application is a fully bi-directional videoconferencing collaboration solution that allows the head office to perform its daily supervision and training duties with improved effectiveness using visual communications. Furthermore, the branches are able to engage in multi-branch video conferencing among themselves as part of the solution. ICBC believes that the solution speeds up the transfer of important information and enhances the quality of ICBC's customer service because of the ability to provide remote staff training and development on a daily basis.

ICBC chose the RADVISION viaIP MCU as the fundamental building block of its videoconferencing infrastructure. The viaIP MCU was easily integrated into DGT's comprehensive solution of multiple videoconferencing endpoints, scheduling and management software applications and video server streaming devices. ICBC commented: "We are very pleased with the high quality and ease of use of the RADVISION viaIP MCU solution. The viaIP, with its unique cascading ability, allows multiple MCUs to appear to our network as a single, very high-capacity unit. This facilitated the integration into the scheduling and management application. The overall solution is easy to use and has an excellent user experience."

RADVISION's videoconferencing infrastructure product line is designed to provide an extremely high quality user experience, with connectivity to all common video endpoints on a network. Eitan Livne, General Manager of RADVISON's Asia Pacific territory commented: "The financial sector, of which ICBC is a part, demands the highest quality and most reliable solutions possible. We are pleased that ICBC has chosen us to be a part of their efforts to provide the best financial services possible to their customers."

DGT and RADVISION see continued collaboration in providing mission-critical solutions to leading enterprises in the region. The company's products and roadmaps show their solutions expanding to the 3G mobile environment as well as to the PC desktop using innovative gateways and desktop software products from RADVISION. Echo Lin, General Manager of DGT added, "The RADVISION products are extremely reliable and integrated easily into the complete solution providing very high quality performance. We hope to continue our productive relationship with RADVISON to bring videoconferencing to more users whether in the conference room, at their desks using a PC, or on the go with their 3G mobile phones."

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