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Wyoming Bank & Trust opts for CSI core platform

Source: Computer Services, Inc.

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) (OTCQX: CSVI), a provider of end-to-end fintech and regtech solutions, announced that Cheyenne, Wyoming-based Wyoming Bank & Trust has selected its NuPoint® core platform to provide more reliable and efficient solutions for customers and employees.

Wyoming Bank & Trust began searching for a new core platform after experiencing reliability issues and excessive downtimes with its previous core provider.

“We were a small fish in a very large pond, and it was obvious to us that we were not a priority client of our previous system,” said Jeff Wallace, Wyoming Bank & Trust’s CEO. “The downtime we faced and the lack of getting problems solved quickly is not how we do business, and therefore reflected poorly on us with our customers.”

The bank’s strategy centers on offering the same products as national banks, but with a focus on personalized customer service. Through CSI’s cloud-based NuPoint core platform, Wyoming Bank & Trust will offer products and services that enhance the customer experience and improve back-office processes.

“At Wyoming Bank & Trust, we strive to provide our customers with one-on-one personal service, regardless of whether they are banking in-person or online,” Wallace said. “During our due diligence of reviewing different providers, it came down to our evaluation of not only the products, but also the people we would be working with and the references from current clients. We believe CSI will be a true partner in providing innovative solutions that allow our employees to effectively serve customers, while delivering the personal service and attention we expect.”

Additionally, Wyoming Bank & Trust will use CSI’s NuPoint to upgrade its mobile banking technology, enabling customers to complete banking tasks at their convenience despite branch hours. CSI’s suite of digital banking solutions is fully integrated with its core processing platform, providing customers with 24/7 access to digital banking services. The integration of digital and core banking applications eliminates technology barriers and improves channel delivery for the bank’s staff and customers.

“For more than 100 years, Wyoming Bank & Trust has built a reputation as an institution that excels in customer service, and we’re extremely proud to welcome them as a partner,” said Gio Mastronardi, Group President, CSI Enterprise Banking. “At CSI, providing cutting-edge banking technology is only half the story. Our mission is to help our partner banks better serve their customers while also making it easier for their employees to do their job.” 

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