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WealthKernel and Stratiphy team up

Source: WealthKernel

WealthKernel, a wealthtech provider of digital investment services, today announces its partnership with Stratiphy, an investment app aiming to democratise personalised investment strategies.

The new partnership will see Stratiphy utilising WealthKernel’s investment infrastructure and Appointed Representative service as it gears up for the launch of its investment app in the UK.

Due to launch next year, Stratiphy’s app will enable users to build their own personalised trading strategies according to their risk profile, industry preferences, and sustainability criteria - helping them align their investments to their personal values with the help of ESG ratings.

The partnership will see Stratiphy utilising WealthKernel’s brokerage and custody services via its API, as well as its regulatory umbrella, supporting Stratiphy with the expected launch of its in-app live trading in Q2 2022. The launch comes after the company secured £440k in a crowdfunding campaign in September 2021.

In the past few years retail investors have gained easier access to the stock market, at a lower cost than was previously available. The industry has seen a growing trend towards more complex investment products becoming gamified which, according to industry analysts, has been exacerbated by the lockdown. As a result, many so-called “do-it-yourself” investors have seen mounting losses which is leading to a growing realisation that they require professional help in order to effectively manage risk and avoid more Gamestop-type situations. Stratiphy addresses this knowledge gap, helping its users create their own trading strategies and run scenarios without any coding knowledge. It also uses sophisticated analytics combined with environmental, social and governance ratings (ESG) to help users compare companies.

Karan Shanmugarajah, CEO of WealthKernel, says: “It’s incredibly exciting for us at WealthKernel to be enabling more businesses like Stratiphy who are not only democratising access to investment, but helping investors seeking to grow their investment knowledge and invest in companies leading the way environmentally.

While it's promising to see younger audiences actively engaging in investing, it’s paramount that we build the infrastructure and services that enable them to do so in a safe, informed and regulated manner. Stratiphy is doing just this, and we look forward to supporting them as they get ready for their launch in the new year.”

Nikki Hawkes, Co-founder and Head of Growth, Stratiphy, says: “There is a new, younger, more diverse group of consumers getting involved in higher-risk investments. Nearly two-thirds of whom have experienced a significant investment loss, and they're not receiving the information that they need.

Stratiphy is making in depth knowledge and cutting edge tools more accessible to the everyday retail investor, and WealthKernel is helping us do this in the best way possible.”

Daniel Gold, Co-founder and CEO, Stratiphy, says: "This is a step change in our ability to service retail clients, and we couldn't have found a better partner in WealthKernel. Our common vision of promoting financial inclusion, paired with the flexibility and sophistication that their platform provides, means we can offer a range of innovative services to the next generation of investors."

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