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Paddle integrates Alipay, Google Pay and iDeal

Source: Paddle

Paddle, the Revenue Delivery Platform for B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, today announces the integration of Alipay, Google Pay and iDeal as accepted payment methods.

Additionally, Paddle is launching fully localised checkout and transaction emails, to make it easier for Paddle customers to sell their products around the world.

The latest updates to Paddle’s offering are designed to empower SaaS businesses looking to scale internationally. Tapping into new geographic markets is a major driver of growth for many software businesses, but international sales are often constrained by the challenges of adapting payment and checkout services to local currency and language requirements. Failing to offer international customers a localised payment experience creates friction in the customer journey, which means poorer conversion rates and lost revenue.

Paddle is used by more than 2,000 SaaS businesses to sell into 245 markets globally. Paddle’s Revenue Delivery Platform makes it easy to sell software globally by offering acceptance of the most common payment methods and currencies that can be enabled with the click of a button. By adding Alipay to their list of accepted payment methods, Paddle sellers gain increased access to Alipay’s one billion users, including 81% of Chinese consumers, making it a significant growth accelerator for SaaS businesses targeting the Chinese market.

“We now offer Alipay alongside credit card and PayPal for one-time purchases in China.” said Clara Cordes, Product Owner at Kaleido. “Since then, not only did we see a doubling of one-time sales in China, but we also saw a significant shift in buyer behaviour, with over 90% of customers opting to pay via Alipay, when the split had previously been 40% credit card and 60% PayPal. Alipay has led to increased one-time sales for us and an improved purchase experience for customers in one of our key markets.”

Paddle has also integrated Google Pay (more than 150 million users) and iDEAL (the most popular payment method in the Netherlands), further expanding the range of payment options available to sellers and their customers, and launched fully localised checkout and transactional emails, including translation into 16 languages. Giving customers the ability to choose their preferred language at checkout and for all transactional emails can significantly boost conversion rates and increase retention. From today, localised emails will automatically be turned on for all Paddle sellers, meaning their buyers will start receiving transactional emails in the language they selected at the checkout, decreasing any involuntary churn.

“We’re really pleased that Paddle now provides a localized purchase experience for our customers with the translation of all emails into Korean.” said Gang Chen, Head of Growth at Speak. “Since the change, the click-through rate on transactional emails has increased by nearly 50%.”

Christian Owens, CEO and co-founder of Paddle, said: “Paddle’s platform is designed to remove the invisible barriers that prevent SaaS companies from scaling efficiently. That includes offering a range of payment methods and checkout experiences that allow sellers to deliver a fully localised experience to every customer, anywhere in the world. We are delighted to be adding iDeal, Google Pay and especially Alipay, which has already increased conversation rates in China for those Paddle sellers that acted as early beta testers. By handling all of a software seller’s revenue delivery as standard, we want to remove the operational burden on SaaS companies and empower them to expand their businesses globally.”

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