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OKEx launches bot feature for Indian users

Source: OKEx

OKEx, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange announced today that it has launched a bot feature for its users in India.

OKEx recognizes that the market has matured in recent years and trading bots must be sophisticated enough to deal with highly liquid markets. The demand for automation in the market continues to rise and OKEx offers some of the most forward-thinking automation solutions in the industry.

Trading bots function to facilitate and assist in the execution of a trading strategy, not to create one. No bot is ever perfect, but using sustainable and stable arbitrage in a volatile market can result in significant financial gain. OKEx trading bot strategy offers just that. Building a strategy to help you manage your portfolio when you don’t have the time to watch the market.

Commenting on the development Netero Dai, Asia CEO, OKEx, said “OKEx is the go-to exchange for bot trading. With a comprehensive bot trading system, users will be spoilt for choice when it comes to automating the buying and selling of digital assets. Its broad range of trading options makes it an easy choice when it comes to comfort when making a high volume of transactions”.

Trading bots are worth it if you need a tool to carry out a high volume of transactions. With an array of prominent crypto trading options, the OKEx trading bot strategy can open doors to traders, through automating, managing, and growing traders' portfolios in the long term. As intelligent crypto trade automation becomes more palatable for traders, we’re going to see increased implementation in the future.

Trading with OKEx enables users to become masters of trading, by offering an ultra-high annual income with minimal effort. This unrivaled technology is unique to the platform and has seamless integration. The trader configures the requirements and how the bot will behave in the market. The bot will adjust to reflect the current market cycle, providing a minimalist experience for worry-free and smooth transactions.

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