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FinTech Australia releases investor map

Source: FinTech Australia

FinTech Australia has released a free new map for fintechs detailing investors in the Australian fintech sector.

The map showcases investors from across the country, featuring a variety of funders including venture capitalists, angel funds, corporate investors, crowdfunders and incubators.

The map is free to sign up for investors and also breaks down the type of funding each group provides. For instance, it can narrow down if a VC firm only invests in Series A rounds.

“Mapping major funders is a job many founders would do themselves when looking for funding. We’ve essentially taken this work off of time-poor early-stage founders, and created a valuable resource for the industry in the process,” Simone Joyce, Chair of FinTech Australia said.

“The number of fintech funders in Australia has grown substantially in the past few years. There are now more options for funding than ever before, and it's set to continue growing. We aim to keep this resource curated and as up-to-date as possible to ensure it remains valuable for the sector.”

“While we have tried to be comprehensive, we also understand that we may have missed some funders within the ecosystem. As a result, we’ve made it easy to register your fund to ensure that you are part of this resource.”

The map is free to use, and can be accessed by all members of the fintech and startup community.

Investors can apply to be added to the map through logging in and registering their details on the website  

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