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VTB Online users will be able to enter the mobile application with a mask

Source: VTB

By the end of the year, VTB Online users will be able to enter the mobile application whilst continuing to wear a mask.

Identification is made using a smart watch or bracelet on iOS and Android and is the first time this function will appear on the Russian market.

To enter the application without removing the mask, the user needs to connect a smart watch or bracelet to their smartphone, via Bluetooth. After that, they only need to bring the gadgets to the phone for a few seconds and wait for the notification "Device found" to instantly enter the VTB Online application.

“The pandemic has taught us to constantly wear masks in public places: in the office, transport, shopping centres, during concerts and other public activities. This is a safety requirement that helps to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but comes with a number of domestic inconveniences. One of them is unlocking a smartphone and mobile applications, including banking applications. This is especially inconvenient in stores when you need to make a payment or make a transfer. Given the fact that most users log into their smartphones using Face ID, we decided to be the first to resolve this issue for the convenience and protection of our customers. Now the usual financial transactions are available to them even in a mask - without unnecessary health risks and in compliance with all safety rules," said Anatoly Pechatnikov, Deputy President and Chairman of VTB Management Board.

Entry to VTB Online will become available to users on iOS using an Apple Watch and a variety of devices such as smart watches and bracelets, on Android. The functionality will be launched for all clients of the VTB mobile application by the end of this year. Over the past few months, VTB Online has launched services such as tracking and replenishing the balance of the Troika transport card and parking account, Velobike bike rental and VTB NPF services. In addition, it became possible to exchange currency at a predetermined rate for Privileges and Prime clients.

Today VTB Online is used by more than 11.8 million of the bank's clients. As a result of this the last major update, the application began to run 2 times faster, the maximum load increased 3 times. The design was completely renewed and 50 new functions were added, including cash withdrawals from ATMs without a card, batch payment of bills, customization of the main screen, the ability to "hide" one’s balance. Today, visually impaired clients can work with the application, independently register and log in, as well as fully make most of the transfers and payments.

Over the past year, VTB Online's score in the AppStore has increased to 4.7 (on a 5-point scale), and in the Play Market - to 4.3. By the end of 2022, VTB plans to increase the number of active users of VTB Online 1.5 times over, to up to 15 million customers.

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