Nyse Arc introduces tracking limit and GTC orders

Source: NYSE Arca

NYSE Arca (formerly known as the Archipelago Exchange, or ArcaEx), the nation's first totally open, all-electronic stock exchange, successfully implemented a new Tracking Limit order type for OTC stocks and plans to introduce Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC) orders, for the trading of OTC and Listed securities in mid-April.

"From simple to more sophisticated, we have always focused on offering the trading community a wide range of order types designed to meet the needs of a diverse client base," said Mike Cormack, Executive Vice President, NYSE Group. "We continuously obtain feedback from our clients so that we can create tools that add real value and bring efficiencies to the marketplace."

The NYSE Arca trading platform now accepts Tracking Limit orders in OTC securities during its Core Trading session from 9:30 am ET – 4:00 pm ET. With this innovative order type, NYSE Arca clients can interact with and provide supplemental liquidity for orders that would otherwise be routed to another market for execution. A tracking order is not displayed and will be matched at the national best bid or offer only when the size of the tracking order is equal to or exceeds the contra order size.

Later this month, NYSE Arca is scheduled to begin accepting Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC) orders in OTC and Listed securities, offering clients a more convenient, less time consuming means of order entry. GTC orders will remain in the NYSE Arca Book until they are executed, cancelled or for one year.

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