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Kiwi startup launches instant payments app Dosh

Source: Software Group

Kiwi-owned company launches instant payment app Dosh, which allows New Zealanders to pay each other instantly using a smartphone app.

Built on Software Group’s Mobile Wallet platform, and available on Apple and Android, Dosh is easy, safe, and free to download for anyone over age 13 with a New Zealand Passport or Drivers Licence.

“Dosh is the breakthrough in banking that consumers and small business owners have been asking for,” - says Shane Marsh, co-founder of Dosh - ‘’Despite huge popularity overseas, digital wallets and instant payment apps have not been available to New Zealanders. That changes today!” says Marsh. Dosh allows users to instantly pay or be paid for transactions under $500. Users can upload up to $1000 onto their dosh wallet, pay and receive cash instantly, and transfer it back to their bank account whenever they like. A 1% fee is charged when money is returned to the user’s bank account. Dosh works with all the major banks including BNZ, ASB, Westpac, ANZ and Kiwibank, and is a registered Financial Services provider, overseen by the Department of Internal Affairs.

“Dosh removes a whole world of pain from banking,” says co-founder James McEniery. “Payments are instant - so no more waiting a day or two to see if your funds have cleared. It’s easy - no more fussing with long strings of numbers or mobile numbers. And it’s safe - you see the money in your account instantly and can transfer it back to your bank account whenever you like.” McEniery says early testing shows that young people, especially, love using Dosh. “They already do most of their shopping and chat through phones and expect instant response. Banking has not kept up. Dosh is the way young people pay. ”Dosh also appeals to small business owners, especially those on the go such as food delivery, tradespeople and stallholders. It’s also cheaper. Merchant fees are a major source of frustration for business owners. Dosh slashes the cost of digital payments and provides secure, instant results for hardworking Kiwi entrepreneurs,” says Marsh.

Dosh (Dosh.nz) is the creation of friends Shane Marsh and James McEniery, returning expat Kiwis who had grown used to using overseas payment apps like Venmo or Paylah. Returning to New Zealand in 2020 they saw that no such apps existed so took the opportunity to launch Dosh, in partnership with a global technology provider Software Group (SoftwareGroup.com). James has a background in retail marketing and Shane was a digital payments expert for a large Australian-owned bank. Dosh is available to download on Google Play and App store.

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