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Spreedly connects with Stripe

Source: Spreedly

Spreedly, the provider of the leading Payment Orchestration platform, today announced that as part of its partnership with Stripe, Spreedly customers are now able to seamlessly onboard to Stripe.

Stripe Connect, will enable the adoption of advanced fraud fighting features and other value-added services. This opportunity for joint customers is available as part of the previously announced Partnership Program for Payment Service Providers.

"Spreedly customers work with multiple payment providers and many have Stripe as a foundational component of their payment stack strategy,” explained Justin Benson, CEO of Spreedly. “By offering our mutual customers Stripe through Stripe Connect, we are enabling them to build better, more holistic payments solutions and accelerate the onboarding of new merchants.”

Stripe Connect provides marketplaces and platforms with the ability to facilitate payments between a business, their customers, and recipients who need to get paid. Spreedly now offers customers access to a specific, Spreedly-owned Stripe Connect account, streamlining the sign-up process. This enables mutual customers to onboard more quickly, enhances reporting, and in the near future will provide access to Stripe Radar as well as new alternative payment methods (APMs).

“More than half of our fastest-growing users take advantage of one or more Stripe extensions,” said Claire Hughes Johnson, Stripe COO. “But as Stripe is increasingly getting pulled up-market, our users have asked for an easier way to discover new partners and new applications. That’s why we’re excited Spreedly is joining forces with us today to provide a better overall experience for the millions of businesses scaling in partnership with Stripe.”

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