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DirectID introduces sandbox testing for bank connections

Source: DirectID

DirectID, a global credit risk platform, announced today that it has partnered with Mockbank, a FinTech providing sandboxing and testing functionality for Open Banking connections.

The partnership will give organisations using the DirectID platform the ability to effortlessly test bank connections, without the need to use live bank accounts or data. The accounts provided with Mockback work like real bank accounts and give organisations the ability to test their services quickly and effortlessly.

When a customer of DirectID utilises Mockbank, they can create test customers that have accounts, balances and full transaction data for each account, providing flexibility and depth while testing. Multiple bank accounts can be associated with the same customer, providing the ability to simulate real life user behaviour, spending habits and financial profiles. This removes the lengthy process of manually creating transaction data or anonymising real transaction data.

As the profound use of bank data becomes a hygiene factor in the lending sector, the need for global organisations to test their offerings with freedom and scale has increased profusely. With Mockbank, customers using the DirectID platform have the freedom to test specific use cases, assess the value in their current propositions, test new products and automate their test scenarios. The insights acquired from the use of Mockbank testing will give global organisations the ability to innovate faster and more freely.

James Varga, CEO of DirectID, said:

“Considering the global scale of our customer base, ranging from tier 1 banks to FTSE100 companies, the ability to test to the capacity that Mockbank allows presents a vast opportunity. Now, customers of DirectID have the ability to utilise Mockbank’s Open Banking sandboxing functionality, providing a foundation to pioneer new products at a global scale. DirectID are delighted to be offer this service through our platform and we’re excited to see the innovation breakthrough to our global network of customers.”

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