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Cube launches RegAssure for small and medium-sized banks

Source: CUBE

CUBE, a global RegTech company working to simplify compliance for the world’s financial institutions, has launched RegAssure, a groundbreaking product that provides automated regulatory intelligence to small and medium sized financial institutions.

Drawing on 10 years of experience, CUBE has developed RegAssure specifically to cater for nimble, lean financial organisations and FinTechs looking for effective compliance without the set-up costs and lengthy implementations. RegAssure has been developed to provide instant access to meaningful, relevant regulatory information that enables those working in compliance to get the job done, in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Until now, small and medium-sized financial organisations have relied on manual processes to manage regulatory change, which is both inefficient, time consuming, and can expose organisations to regulatory blind spots. RegAssure offers an automated but simple alternative, harnessing artificial intelligence to quickly understand an organisation’s business profile and deliver the regulatory intelligence that matters, at the touch of a button.

Ben Richmond, CEO and Founder of CUBE, “In working with the largest financial institutions across the globe we have put our automated regulatory intelligence to the test in the most demanding environments. We wanted to take that experience and build something specifically for those that have limited budgets and resources to meet their compliance requirements. That’s what we have achieved with RegAssure, which has been founded with a single goal in mind - to provide fast, automated regulatory intelligence that intuitively knows what matters to each organisation and the people within it.”

RegAssure is designed to evolve with companies and is underpinned by a simple user interface, enabling growing financial institutions to quickly begin using and benefitting from new capabilities without the impediment of business or technical complications.

The result is a highly flexible, instantly accessible regulatory alerting, inventory and analytics capability that provides fast, automated regulatory intelligence and one source of the truth that can be relied upon.

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