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Nexpay to run all authentication processes through Salt Edge

Source: Nexpay

EU-licensed electronic money institution Nexpay has recently partnered with Salt Edge, an open-banking SaaS leader.

In order to maintain a high-security level in the new era of open banking, Nexpay is now running SCA and all authentication processes through apps developed by Salt Edge.

“Nexpay is built on principles of excellence in security, reliability and convenience, which is why we chose to partner with Salt Edge. The Authenticator app and their other authentication products are the best solution on the market to fit our high security requirements,” said Uldis Teraudkalns, CEO at Nexpay. “An added bonus is that we think Salt Edge is providing a much better UX compared to the SMS-based two-factor authentication processes we are replacing.”

The Authenticator app is a SaaS solution that meets all the SCA requirements and runs dynamic linking for secure payments. The technology uses data encryption and anonymization during the customer journey.

Working mostly with enterprise-level accounts, Nexpay’s new partnership will provide its customers with an increased level of flexibility and security for their digital assets platforms. End-customers will see in the app key payment details before confirming the payment, thus gaining confidence in their actions. The authentication journey was optimized for end-customers’ convenience - creating streamlined user experiences with advanced protection.

“Having in place a mechanism that guarantees security of customers’ actions and privacy of their data is paramount in the trading market and the overall financial industry,” commented Andrei Lisnic, CTO at Salt Edge. “We’re thrilled to assist Nexpay on its path toward being a global leader in the digital assets industry - by offering its clients security and flexibility in their platforms and products.”

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