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iDenfy to provide identity verification services to DoFinance

Source: iDenfy

A Lithuanian company iDenfy will now provide their identity verification services to a European P2P investment platform DoFinance.

iDenfy offers a modern and automated yet a human supervised solution to identity verification. Competitive rates, based on paying per successful ID verification only, allow organizations to save up to 40% on verification costs. Over 200 countries have already chosen iDenfy as their partner in identity verification.

DoFinance originates from an international online lending and investment management company Alfa Finance Group, founded by brothers Jānis and Viesturs Kuļikovskis in 2015. It has a strong team of experienced professionals and has founded DoFinance as a P2P investment platform.
The Financial and Capital Market Commission license will soon make DoFinance one of the first regulated P2P investment platforms in Europe. This, together with a surge of new investors, has encouraged the company to seek a reliable automated identity verification solution, and iDenfy was chosen as the partner.

It is crucial for prime investors engaging with DoFinance to find its selection of partners to be trustworthy. The list of ISO certificates and partnerships with other well-known banks in Europe was crucial in selecting iDenfy as the service provider that’s credible and reliable.
“Cooperation with iDenfy allows us to optimize internal processes, as well as increasing business scalability in the long run. When choosing new partners, its transparency, reliability, and, of course, the circle of its existing partners is definitely what generates credibility in our eyes. Looking forward to reaching new heights together!” states Jānis Kuļikovskis, CEO of DoFinance.

“We are glad to welcome DoFinance in the partnership with iDenfy and are flattered to be chosen among our competition. The increasing growth rate of DoFinance calls for more reliable methods of identity verification, as well as a simplified, user-friendly automatization of the process. We are confident of meeting the demand and will strive for the partnership to be beneficial to the growth of both of us,” said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.

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