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ReceiptHero goes live with Eurocard

Source: ReceiptHero

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with Eurocard, one of the largest corporate card issuers in the Nordics, is now live with ReceiptHero's digital receipt solution.

Since signing the partnership at the end of 2020, the team has been busy becoming PCI DSS level 1 certified and building the integration towards Eurocard.

From today, Eurocard customers can activate smart digital receipts and start receiving digital receipts in the Eurocard app when they shop at ReceiptHero enabled locations. For those Eurocard customers who have already activated Smart Receipts, these digital receipts will help to streamline their travel expense management workflow and to reduce costs in manual account reporting.

“We are really pleased to get this out. As Eurocard is one of the market leaders in the Finnish market when it comes to corporate cards, we will start to see major adoption of digital receipts. This is the start of a great partnership and a major milestone for the company,” Joel Ojala, CEO, ReceiptHero Oy.

Prior to the partnership, Eurocard customers would be required to photograph a paper receipt. Now with ReceiptHero’s existing activated merchants, it’s now a seamless, invisible process that makes reconciling company expenses effortless. With the likes of R-Kioski, Neste, Puuilo and hundreds more merchants already on the platform, Eurocard cardholders can benefit from receiving digital receipts in some of Finland's well known merchant locations.

Ojala continues, ‘With a growing merchant network, we are getting lots of feedback from our users asking for digital receipts from large merchants such as VR, Kesko, S-Group, Teboil and Shell where business receipts are currently being scanned into travel expense apps. We would love to see more merchants join the platform and make paper receipts a distant memory”.

The development work started in March and is officially now in production, making this project incredibly quick and straightforward. This speed demonstrates the perfect technical setup between a fast moving partner, like Eurocard and an innovative fintech like ReceiptHero.

“Our Eurocard customers in the Finnish market will now see the true potential of digital receipts and how effortlessly beneficial they are to the expense management process. The ReceiptHero team has been incredibly quick to get this into production”, concludes Mads Moesgaard, Nordic Business Manager, Eurocard.

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